Circular Textile Innovation Accelerator

Meet the Startups.

To achieve 70% circular textiles by 2030 in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA), the Circular Innovation Collective (CIC) has developed a new approach, bringing systemic change to the regional textile sector and creating new jobs.

The Circular Textile Innovation Accelerator startups focus on higher-R business models, such as reduce and reuse, and align with the opportunity areas of the Vision and Theory of Change

"Many existing projects focus on recycling. In our CIC approach we also want to look at the use of recyclable materials, of course, or how clothing can be designed for easy repair or reuse. But recycling is the last resort for us," says Impact Hub Amsterdam director Manon Klein referring to the R-ladder, the government’s pyramid of circular strategies. Unfortunately, recycling is almost at the bottom of this pyramid.

Get to know the startups that focus on the higher-R business models, and help to achieve 70% circular textiles by 2030 in the MRA:

Opportunity Area 01

Increasing the affordability
and accessibility of circular services.


Mended is a circular platform that connects brands and individuals with local craftspeople to make repairing and altering clothes as easy as buying new ones. Innovation in the circular textile industry mainly focuses on design and production, leaving a gap in the use phase. Mended aims to bridge that gap and build an ecosystem for clothing to circulate at the highest value.

De Steek

De Steek is a sewing cafe, workshop space and sustainable fabric store. Its mission is to ensure that clothes- and textile-making and repairing techniques are accessible to everyone. De Steek also wants to make choosing sustainable fashion options easier by providing only sustainable or upcycled fabrics and raising awareness about the impact of fast fashion.  


Byewaste provides a door-to-door service for reusing and recycling household items – from textiles to toys and electronics. Every object collected gets a second life through the company's network of sustainable partners. Ensuring that pre-loved items find a new user stops them from being incinerated or taken to a landfill. Byewaste prevents 38 kg of CO2 per pick-up from entering the atmosphere.

Opportunity Area 02

Retaining product performance and physical durability in the transition to less complex, biobased and biodegradable materials.


MARTAN is a circular fashion brand that turns waste textiles from the luxury hotel industry into colourful and surprising outfits. The brand operates at the intersection of ready-to-wear, art and sustainability. MARTAN produces all of its collection from upcycled fabrics and  within Europe

By Rockland

By Rockland designs, produces and supplies fully customized sustainable workwear for corporate employees in collaboration with well-known and up-and-coming Dutch designers. The company uses materials such as GOTS-certified cotton while considering wear resistance and washability criteria. Rockland's production occurs in Europe’s slow fashion studios.

Hollands Wol Collectief

Hollands Wol Collectief buys Dutch sheep's wool, sorts it for the correct application, and works with producers to process it before selling it to partners who turn it into beautiful products. The company also researches wool's unique properties and environmental impact to build a circular supply chain and raise awareness of Dutch wool – a unique, local and sustainable biobased material.

Opportunity Area 03

Citizens feel informed
and empowered by understanding the environmental and social impact of their clothing.

Race Against Waste

Race Against Waste aims to inspire everyone to participate in the transition to a circular economy in textiles, e-waste and energy. The platform is active in the Netherlands, Germany and France and focuses on three pillars: education, inspiration and activation. Its projects entail straightforward sustainable solutions implemented with schools, residents, partners, municipalities and other relevant stakeholders .

Opportunity Area 04

Designing while preserving the identity of regenerative practices and diversity of craft.


MUMSTER is a conscious campaign agency for fashion pioneers. The agency spotlights innovative brands and helps them maximize their impact and accelerate positive change in the fashion industry. With a dedicated and skilled creative team from various backgrounds, MUMSTER creates, produces and launches campaigns that connect fashion pioneers with policymakers and consumers.


Atalyé is a fashion brand focused on made-to-measure fashion. It uses pioneering technology, including a 3D body scanner and automated pattern-making system, to locally craft contemporary yet classic garments that perfectly fit each customer. Thanks to its on-demand approach, Atalyé only produces what it sells, thus avoiding overproduction and deadstock garments.


Atelier MADE HERE Atelier MADE HERE creates high-quality fashion in The Netherlands while reducing the industry's ecological footprint and enhancing the appreciation of craftsmanship. The atelier produces timeless designs for her long-term partners. This is done using the made-to-order model, only producing what is actually bought and not contributing to the mountain of unsold stock waste. And by producing high-quality upcycled fashion using garments and textile that have been discarded.

Next steps

Together with Bankers without Boundaries, CIC will connect these innovative startups to impact investors to help them grow and create systemic change. Read more about the importance of new finance models for a circular economy here.

Working towards an innovative textile sector?

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About CIC

This project is initiated by Metabolic, Impact Hub Amsterdam and Bankers without Boundaries and supported by the City of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Impact), DOEN Foundation and Goldschmeding Foundation. Learn more.