Phase 03

Connecting solutions with investments.

We are looking for private and public financiers from NL, EU and UK who want to push circular innovation in the textile chain and build a diverse and impactful investment portfolio.

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Circular innovations are fundamental to driving systemic change and contributing to a more sustainable industry. Unfortunately, real change makers have a hard time getting money to scale as there is a mismatch between circular start-ups and the required financing.

The Circular Innovation Collective focuses on closing this gap. In collaboration with Bankers without Boundaries, we link promising early-stage circular textile businesses to innovative financial mechanisms.


"Our ultimate goal is to leverage innovative impact financing mechanisms to overcome circular economy financing barriers."


"The circular economy could bring an additional $900 billion to the European Union's GDP by 2030 (Growth Within) which makes investing an interesting case."

The startups from our Circular Textile Innovation program focus on impactful circular innovations that address the entire fashion chain. The startups are carefully selected based on research by Metabolic, and went through a robust accelerator by Impact Hub Amsterdam. Meet the innovations here.

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