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Vision for a regenerative and circular textile industry.

This report is a summary of research by Metabolic on creating a regenerative and circular textile system. The study builds upon existing knowledge and visions, including the regional vision of textile and gives special attention to solutions that are focussing on higher-R business models. Some higher-R examples are: Refuse fossil-based synthetic products, Rethink the chosen materials for design, and Re-use existing products.

Amsterdam Textiles Pilot.

To achieve a regenerative and circular textile system, we created a clear Vision and Theory of Change (ToC) for stakeholders in the textile value chain. The ToC forms a measurable transition pathway with short-term, mid-term and long-term solutions with a systemic approach.

Read the full report here to learn about the Theory of Change(ToC), the challenges and aligned business opportunities.

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Vision for a regenerative and circular textile industry.

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