Phase 04

Replicating and
scaling our impact.

We want to speed up the transition to a circular economy. With that goal in mind, all our learnings will be published in open-source blueprints. These blueprints will serve as a practical guide for developing local and circular innovation ecosystems in Amsterdam, other municipalities in the Netherlands, and across Europe more broadly.

Our learning and training materials are designed for senior decision makers at Dutch cities, municipalities, governments and higher education institutes on corporate finance and financiers.

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Cover Mockups of the three parts to the CIC Program Guide

Guide: Create your own circular venture program.

‍‍This guide was created for government officials and other stakeholders in European cities and regions that wish to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy and play a leading or supporting role in building a local innovation ecosystem in which circular ventures can thrive.

It is especially useful for cities with existing circular economy agendas and sectoral circularity targets, yet it can also be used to kick-start the development of circular ambitions within a city or a region.

Access our guide for accelerating circular innovation across regional value chains:

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